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The Sandia Mountains

Published: 12/09/2011

Sandia Mountains
The Sandia Mountains are a well known Staple in Albuquerque. Whether you look at them daily to tell if your going east or west or just to see their beauty the Sandia’s are hard to ignore.

Sandia means watermelon in Spanish, it is believed to be a reference to the reddish color that the mountains get during a sunset. Also, when you look at the Sandia’s from the west you can see a line of conifers ( large pointy trees) lining the ridge of the mountain forming what looks line a rind from a watermelon. Another explanation from the Sanida Indians is when the Spaniards came in 1540 they were searching the mountain finding what they believed to be watermelon. To their surprise the watermelon was actually squash, but the name Sandia continued to stick with the mountains east of the pueblo. The Sandia Pueblo Indians call the mountain Bien Mur, "big mountain".

The mountain at it’s highest elevation reaches 10,678 ft. and has two major summits, the South Sandia Peak and Sandia crest. The Sandia’s also connect to the Manzano mountains on their south base, separated by The Tijeras canyon.

The Petroglyphs

Published: 12/09/2011

Petroglyph National Monument

Located in Albuquerque’s west mesa, the Petroglyph National Monument holds some of New Mexico’s oldest history. The Monument protects five large volcanic cones and stretches 17 miles on the western horizon. There are an estimated 24,000 ancient paintings and carvings found on numerous rocks and caves in the petroglyphs. The carvings came from the ancient Pueblo peoples as well as early Spanish settlers. Most images are easy to decode but some are very complex and only understood by the person who carved it.
The Petroglyphs became a National Monument in 1990 to protect and preserve the 7,244 acres of history. The park is open to the public year round and preserved by the National park service and the City of Albuquerque.

Warrior Dash New Mexico

Published: 03/02/2012


Ten Thousand Warriors to Compete in the World’s Largest Running Series EDGEWOOD, NM (February 22, 2012)- Warrior Dash is a fierce 5K event that challenges and welcomes all athletic abilities. On Saturday, May 5 adventure-seeking athletes will head to Founders Ranch to conquer 14 bigger and badder obstacles over more than three miles of extreme terrain. After completing theintense physical challenge, participants will celebrate their accomplishments alongside friends and family with live music, food, beer and front row seats to some of the most grueling obstacles.

Free things to do Albuquerque

Published: 03/05/2012

Free Things to do in Albuquerque

There are a lot of things to do in Albuquerque especially with the warmer weather rolling in. But if you and your family are on a budget, free is the best way to go! Here are some of the best FREE things to do in Albuquerque.

Jeff Dunham Albuquerque

Published: 02/29/2012

Jeff Dunham’s 100 city, all-new “Controlled Chaos” tour offers his millions of fans worldwide brand new laughs and hilarious additions to his famed troupe of sidekicks that include: Walter the Grumpy Retiree, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, the beer-fueled redneck Bubba J and the manic purple creature Peanut. In the coming months, concertgoers will meet two new Dunham characters: Achmed Junior, the not-as-equally skeletal son of Achmed the Dead Terrorist, and Little Jeff, a mini-version of the ringmaster himself.

The Top 15 Place to Take Your Date for Valentine's Day

Go Lobos!

Published: 12/09/2011

University of New Mexico
The University of New Mexico or UNM was founded in 1889 before New Mexico was even a state. Bernard Shandon Rodey pushed for the university to be in Albuquerque and after some debate he was victorious. Because of his efforts he was named “the father” of the university. Under UNM’s fifth president Davis Ross Boyd, the university was expanded from 20 acres to 300. In 1922 UNM was accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Universities and under James Zimmerman’s presidency, the school underwent it’s biggest expansion. More departments were added, new buildings went up and enrollment increased drastically. In 1948, the first native New Mexican, Thomas L. Popejoy was appointed president and remained in charge for the next 20 years.

The UNM Lobo mascot came about in 1920 as a suggestion from student George S. Bryant, a sophomore at the time. "The Lobo is respected for his cunning, feared for his prowess, and is the leader of the pack," read Bryan's editorial in the Oct. 1, 1920 issue of the UNM student newspaper. "... All together now; 15 rahs for the LOBOS."
The Lobo became the official mascot of the school. For a brief period in the 1920's, a live wolf pup appeared at every football game, but UNM administrators were forced to cease the practice when a child teased the wolf and was subsequently bitten. Now Louie lobo and Lucy lobo have taken over as the school’s mascots.

Monster Jam @ Tingley Coliseum

Published: 01/27/2012

Monster Jam will be at the Tingley Coliseum February 17-19!

50 Best Places to Eat In Albuquerque

Published: 03/07/2012

Here are the 50 Best Places to Eat in Albuquerque straight from the fans and the people who love them the most!

New Mexico Stars Football

Published: 04/05/2012

The New Mexico Stars, presented by Santa Ana Star Casino, are the newest franchise in the Indoor Football League (IFL) which will play their home games on Don Chalmers Ford Field at Santa Ana Star Center. The 2012 season brings in new faces and new places to the Indoor Football League. With the addition of new teams in markets such as New Mexico, and Iowa, the IFL
is sure to give fans another great year of fast paced, hard hitting entertainment.